Generate electricity from the wind

Advantages of generating electricity from wind power plants:

Pollutant reduction

In contrast to conventional power plants (gas, coal, etc.), wind power plants do not emit any pollutants in the production of electricity. Thus, the wind power plants contribute to CO 2 reduction.

Avoiding social costs

Renewable energies such as wind power prevent health and environmental damage.

Securing jobs

Predominantly medium-sized companies in the wind power sector are employers for tens of thousands of people. For the technical service and maintenance of the wind power plants, the producers of the wind turbines in the regions set up bases with maintenance technicians.


Benefits for the region

The order volume for a wind turbine depends on the location and the type of the wind power plant which could be about 100,000 - 300,000 euros. Typically, these are medium-sized regional construction companies that extend the existing gravel roads, build concrete foundations and install cables.


Rents for farms

Owners who lease their land will receive secure income over the entire lease period of 20 years.

Return for the investor

The investor can achieve a good return by investing in a wind turbine. It is crucial for a successful investment to receive the consultation from the experienced experts of Durion GmbH.

Project management from one source

We support you from start to finish on a successful project: from the selection of suitable sites to the construction of the plant as well as the technical and commercial management is provided by Durion GmbH, everything from a single source. 

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