500-1000 kw storage at industrial level

The economic potential of electricity storage systems is only revealed through the combination of energy services for the complete integration of renewable energies into the energy market. This includes the installation and operation of intelligent electricity meters, the marketing of surplus electricity and balancing energy, and green energy for total demand coverage.


Local power generation with renewable energies and powerful electricity storage for local energy management and distributed network services - this is the power supply of tomorrow.


In combination with wind and solar power plants, electricity storage units at MW range can contribute to the stabilization of the feed-in capacity.


Better planning of power generation, avoidance of power peaks and thus a more efficient utilization of the existing network capacity can be achieved in this way. The construction of innovative wind and solar power plants, which can also provide control energy for grid stability in addition to electricity production, is made possible by the professional electricity storage system.


These system-capable power plants can be used for example in the vicinity of consumption centers such as industrial estates or industrial plants for power generation and grid stabilization.



The operators of the transmission grids are responsible for the stability of the electricity grids and thus for the security of electricity supply.


First and foremost, it is about maintaining a mains frequency of 50 Hz. Battery power plants can be used for this frequency control. If the frequency is high, battery systems are charged as additional load. If the frequency threatens to drop, power storage devices use their power to support the grid with their power at short notice. Durion designs, builds and operates such battery power plants for institutional investors with public participation or energy companies.



The use of modern battery systems supports the necessary conversion of the power distribution networks as part of the energy transition.


In many cases, the targeted use of "local grid batteries" is faster and less expensive to implement than a comprehensive redesign of the electricity grids. This avoids inefficient investments that increase network fees over many years.


Durion's battery systems can be adopted to the needs of distribution grid operators. For example, to quickly and accurately eliminate a blockage in the power grid or for development measures of building areas with consumption-related use of renewable energy.


The Industrial Storage series is based on the same technical concept as the Company Storage series.

The installation in insulated 20 or 30 feet containers allows the operation in the open air, depending on the place and conditions of the installation heating or air-conditioning can be installed. In addition, if necessary, the medium voltage connection can be offered according to the local connection conditions.

Application fields are both control power plants and a wide range of combinations with different power generators such as solar or wind power plants. With industrial storage systems, larger power requirements of companies or area networks can be supplied with their own energy generation mostly decentralized.


IS 275/640

IS 500/750

IS 1000/1250

Rated capacity

275 kW

500 kW

1000 kW


640 kWh

750 kWh

1280 kWh






30 "container

2x20 "container

2x30 "container



·        Modular design of outputs from 275 to 1000 kW

·        Different storage capacities from 640 to 1280 kWh

·        AC system coupled with medium voltage transformer, simple installation no matter of the location

·        Control at the power frequency (primary control power)

·        Control at the power supply (voltage support)

·        Network generator in the system

·        Increases the self-consumption of the self-generated current

·        Controls, if required, the load supply and cut-off (self-consumption increase peak load reduction)

·        Controls the generation power as required and controls the power at the mains connection point

·        Standard interfaces to other systems

·        Local visualization

·        Monitoring the memory on the web

Durion Datasheet storage batteries IS 
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