12 - 55 kw storage at company level

Highly efficient electricity storage is the key technology of the energy transition (from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy)


For the energy transition (from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy) electricity storage is needed in all areas of energy supply chain. Electricity storage carries out a variety of functions in combination with wind and solar power plants, for the stabilization of the power grids and for the power supplies of the consumers. The power storage from Durion rely on premium quality and industry standard of the entire power range: from a few kW / kWh up to the megawatt range.


Farmers are usually connected to the power grid only by long and expensive electric power stubs. With PV and storage, they achieve high independence from the network expansion. The technical equipment in agriculture has pushed up the demand for electricity in recent decades. Silage, milking robots and cooling are indispensable - power outages are unacceptable.


Areas on the roof or next to the farm buildings are usually available to generate sufficient electricity for their own consumption, the electricity storage protects even sunless periods. The network is good enough for the absorption of surplus electricity.


Due to tax issues, choosing a renewable energy is easy for a company. Peak shifting and emergency power are additional benefits that save costs and increase the efficiency of company’s own electricity.

Depending on the industry, there are other tangible benefits. For car dealerships, the PV system, the electricity storage system and the charging station offer a way to position themselves clearly for e-mobility. The house building industry also has interesting opportunities to benefit from the energy market. Also, for almost all companies "Green Energy" today is an important part of the corporate communication.


Communities are local role models and pioneers. Public buildings are ideally suited to translate the political will to change the energy sector through their own projects.

Rooftops or low-consumption open spaces for PV systems, electricity storage and their own power supply offer the opportunity to visibly implement the political will in energy sector. Whether through its own municipal utilities or in cooperation with the citizens and local banks in energy cooperatives - the possibilities are almost unlimited.


They make you more independent

· Independent power supply

· Stabilization of electricity prices

· Increase of the self - consumption share of self -produced energy up to 80%

· Regenerative energy is available for 24 hours

· Load management: efficient control of power consumers

Application of professional technology

· High-quality power electronics and control (industry standard components)

· German quality

· Safe cell technology Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)

· High cycle durability and long life

· High system efficiency

Minimal installation effort

· Place of installation: basement, side room, hall, workshop

· Fits every power generation: PV, wind, thermal power station, hydropower

· Simple plug in the power supply (CEE plug 32A)

· Modular and scalable in expansion

The power consumption under control

· Fully automated plant operation

· Monitoring: local, on your PC or Smartphone (Internet access should be available, eg WLAN)

· Remote maintenance

Extensive additional functions

· Possibility of reactive current compensation

· Reduction of peak load

· Continuation of feed-in

· Optional with emergency power function

Durion Datasheet storage batteries CS 

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