Storage and grid stabilization

Durion's power storage is based on premium quality and industry standard over the entire power range: from a few kW / kWh to MW range. Professional services for construction and operation of the systems are also included. More energy storage systems in our energy system are of increasing importance for the change from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy for the efficient use of our electricity networks and generating plants. The economic potential of electricity storage can only be developed in conjunction with energy services. This applies in particular to decentralized applications on the consumer side and in the distribution networks. Multiple use of electricity storage increases efficiency and requires powerful, communicable and intelligent current storage systems in our energy system For storage tasks in the range of hours or days, decentralized technologies such as lithium-ion battery systems, an alternative to known large-scale technologies (pumped storage) Investments in decentralized electricity supply with electricity storage are worthwhile in long term.

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