About Durion GmbH

Durion GmbH is a German company active in the field of renewable energy established in 2011.  As a system provider, Durion GmbH develops and supplies systems for consumption-related power generation and power storage. All components for the photovoltaic and electricity storage systems are coordinated with one another. Accurate services for energy management complement the range of the offered systems.

Power generation: One of the solution Durion GmbH offers is power generation with the use of solar power plants systems. The company constructs and operates roof tops or ground mounted solar power plants at mid-size scale (kW level) and large scale (MW level).

Energy storage: Durion GmbH is continuously involved in research, construction and operation of modular battery systems (LiFePO and NCM) at industrial level for the electricity supply chain.  It develops large scale systems on MW level for grid stabilization or to control the feed in of solar and wind power plants and mid-size systems on kW level to maximise self-consumption of local power generation and/or to avoid interrupts of energy supply.  

Durion GmbH is a subsidiary of Durion Energy AG, a company of IPI AG and Dynavolt.

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